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Autocrat or dictator?

On December 4, 2003, the Cuban newspaper «Granma» published on its front page a story about Fidel Castro's participation in a meeting with American students at the Havana Convention Center, illustrated with a photograph in which the deceased head of state of the Republic of Cuba showed a mustache and hairstyle reminiscent of Adolf Hitler.

At that time I was in the Cuban capital, where a great stir was formed because of this fact, circulating rumor that it had been sabotage by one of the workers of the official media outlet of the Castro brothers' regime, who, it was claimed, had fled to the yuma (United States).

Luckily, although he was kidnapped Immediately, I was able to get hold of —at a price of gold— ​​a copy of the newspaper that an acquaintance had bought, commissioning another person to scan the incredible image shown in the link, and which I recommend enlarging as much as necessary.


During my research stay in Argentina (October-December 2000), I acquired this banknote of an unusual face value. Fortunately (I paid for it in dollars), I did not need another one of similar value.


In February 1989, the then spiritual leader of the revolution and head of state of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa in which he called on all Muslims to execute the writer Salman Rushdie for having written and published the book The Satanic Verses, which he considered a grave offence to his religion. He even went so far as to offer a reward of one million dollars to anyone who killed him.

The newspaper «El Correo Gallego», on the occasion of this fatwa, asked the opinion of the students of the «Universidade de Santiago de Compostela» about this news, among whom I was, as I was enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in that academic year (1988-1989).

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